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draadloos afstandbediening voor olympus camera

€ 3,95

Wordt vrijdag, 23 maart verzonden indien besteld binnen 1 dag, 13 uur en 46 minuten!

1)Small and portable

2)Long-time use

3)Acts as a wireless shutter release capable of instantly triggering the shutter without disturbing the camera

4)Can trigger the camera shutter release remotely from a distance

5)Use of high-grade material, durable, non-deformation

6)Powered by CR2025 lithium battery

7)Range: 30m without any obstruct and within 30 degree

8)Compatible with:


E620 Stylus 800 C5000 Zoom

E450 Stylus 500 C4040 Zoom

E520 Stylus 300 C3040 Zoom

E420 Stylus 410 C3000 Zoom

E30 Stylus 400 C3030 Zoom

E1 D40 Zoom C2100 Zoom

E10 C8080 Wide Zoom C2020 Zoom

E20 C770 Ultra Zoom C2040 Zoom

E100RS C755 Ultra Zoom C2000 Zoom

E300 C7070 Wide Zoom μ800 Digital

E330 C750 Ultra Zoom μ500 Digital

E400 C730 Ultra Zoom μ400 Digital

E410 C7000 Ultra Zoom μ410 Digital

E510 C60 Zoom μ300 Digital

E500 C5060 Wide Zoom E2500

E2100 C5050 Zoom C50 Zoom

9)Size: 60x28x5mm

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