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fb-20 universeel camera top flash licht speedlite bounce focus flash diffuser(zwart)

€ 22,95

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1) The camera's flash diffuser

2) A high quality and durable

3) The structure is compact, light weight

4) The adjustable fastener tape

5) Safe and easy to use

6) Pro image shooting

7) It is easy to change the bulb

8) 3-color mirror 9 compatible with standard flash

9) Applicable equipment: camera external flash

10) Accessories:

- Diffusers

- Gold reflectors x 1

- Silver reflectors x 1

- White reflective plate x 1

- Magic paste x 1

11) Size: 27.8×19.3cm

12) Reflectors and soft mask combined flash is reflected by the reflective plate first , and then by the soft surface diffusion output, even close-up shots also effective in soft light, especially for portraits